Many geocaches are hidden within areas that are generally open to access by the public, such as parks, national forests, etc. Agencies and their employees that are charged with the stewardship of these public lands (referred to on this web site as land managers or land management) have legitimate concerns that geocaching and the hiding of geocaches may have an adverse impact on environmentally sensitive lands, sites of historical or archaeological significance, and the like. As a result, many agencies have adopted policies regarding geocaching. These policies range from the prohibitive through the restrictive to the permissive.

When someone wants to hide a geocache, or its older cousin, a letterbox, on public land, it can be difficult to determine what a particular land management's policies are. Often these policies have not been published on the Web or otherwise widely disseminated. For instance, "everyone knows" that geocaching is prohibited in lands managed by the United States National Park Service (NPS), but a search of the NPS website reveals only a few documents that match the string "geocaching". Each of those documents applies to a single NPS facility. A Google search finds more results, and some of the documents found in that search imply that limited geocaching is permitted in certain NPS facilities. The draft of the 2006 NPS Management Policies contains no references to geocaching. So in spite of conventional wisdom, there does not appear to be single policy for the US National Park Service. These are examples of the difficulties this website attempts to address.

We created this site to provide a centralized resource for published policies regarding Geocaching and similar activities. Land managment agencies, including managers of publicly accessible private property, are welcome to register and list their policies, or submit their policies to us for listing on their behalf. We also invite submissions of documented policies from the general public. There is no charge for these services.

We welcome anyone to use this site to find the policies for the area in which they are interested, to review existing policies for use as models in the creation of new ones, or for other research. Please contact us with your suggestions for improving the site.

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